Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rock, Paper... Iron.

 Camera: Nikon D60
Aperture - f/5.6
 Exposure- 1/30
 ISO- 1600
Lens- 50mm
No Flash.

Tip: Don't just settle for indoor light if you don't have to. If it's daylight and you have access to a window, open up the shades and get some natural light in! Helps avoid that yellowy hue in your shot.

Friends- wonderful blessings indeed! There for us to celebrate the good, to help us through the bad, and everything in between. Like rock and paper, one can easily get carried away with any little breeze of obsession or feeling; it's great to have a friend who acts as a rock to help keep us held down from going crazy and being swept away.

Another great thing about friends is that they can cause us to see ourselves and the world around us in a whole new way. As long as you are careful to keep good friends, you can really learn a lot! Often we seem to have a problem though: there are so many means of entertainment these days, that we really don't think about trying to have meaningful conversations and to learn from one another.

Having a truly meaningful conversation with a friend (in most cases) is something that must be struck up intentionally. Some times one can have a great conversation by chance, but often it doesn't just come up out of nowhere. You have to ask the right questions. I am very thankful to have all my friends, but particularly thankful for the few that will suddenly pop out theological topics in conversation. Thanks to them, I have had the pleasure of talking of and contemplating things that I maybe otherwise wouldn't have.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another"
 - Proverbs 27:17

Like in the above verse, we need to make a conscious effort to talk about things that will 'sharpen' our friends. Things that will make them think, give them strength, and most importantly, things that will help them become closer with God!

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