Friday, April 21, 2017

The CCM Experiment: April 21

Feeling: Productive, happy, exhausted.

Doing: Nursing home housekeeping work, library shelving, a walmart run, discussion time with my Praxis "mastermind group".

Listened to: The Phil Vischer Podcast

Lyric that stood out the most to me:

I'll be honest, at this point I am so sleepy I can't recall anything from the podcast episodes I heared. But I did write down some quotes that I thought were great in the book that I am reading, so I will share one of those instead:

"Attention, success, and comparison hold my soul hostage until they get what they want. Spoiler alert: they want everything. And they are never satisfied. They will never let you go."

- Emily P. Freeman, "Simply Tuesday"

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