Saturday, April 29, 2017

The CCM Experiment: April 29

Feeling: Frustrated, proud, excited, exhausted, happy, thankful.

Doing: Supervising my fair section, hiking in the Wallowa mountains, falling into snow drifts (and laughing as my Texan friend fell into them. It was his first time seeing real snow), driving long winding roads, enjoying God's creation and chatting about how well He has provided.

Listened to: Veridia

Lyric that stood out the most to me:

Ink stained green paper
Fast cars, soul chasers
Pretty pretty lies
Pretty pretty lies
Make-up, smoke eyes
Won't hide cries behind
Pretty pretty lies
Pretty pretty lies

- "Pretty Lies", by Veridia

Listening to this song in the car with my hiking buddy brought out some great conversation. He pointed out how the song was describing the standards that we all stress about living up to rather than pleasing God. It then launched into a talk about trusting God rather than trying to handle everything on our own and take all the credit for the blessings he sends into our lives. I love when music can spark a good conversation!

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