Friday, April 28, 2017

The CCM Experiment: April 28

Feeling: A little tired, exhilarated, adventurous, relaxed, happy, and a tiny bit frustrated (but just because sometimes the internet doesn't always have what I want :P )

Doing: Eating at a local specialty waffle house, hiking on an abandoned railroad.

Listened to: ... Well, oddly we didn't do music today. So I heard the sound of my friend's voice and The Aux Cable Podcast (which we had fun replying to in the car, even though the hosts can't hear us. Haha)

Lyric that stood out the most to me:

No music = no lyrics. Though I learned a very visual lesson while hiking today that sometimes God knocks out a bridge when He wants you to explore other options. It all worked out - while we didn't get to follow the abandoned railway nearly as far as I'd hoped, we explored a lot of nearby territory that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

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